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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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man opened it it blew up in his hands g evening, i'm lucy nola noland. i'm iain page. now both local and federal investigators are trying to peace everything together. that story coming up in just a few moments. but first skyfox over a bizarre scene in center city this afternoon. check it out. at seventh and 59. a bull was ended up there after it got loose from a slaughter house in kensington. the pennsylvania game commission had to shoot that bull. it died traffic as you can imagine was tied up in the area as police cleared the scene. neighbors in mayfair on high alert after someone posing as a pizza deliveryman forced his way into a home just 11:00 last night on the 3400 block of wellington street. police say the guy knocked on front door, then pushed his way inside. he pistol whipped a woman they say then ran off that. woman refused care from medic. police say he did not take anything. so far no arrests. firefighters are making big progress in a forest fire in new jersey. the fire burning in wharton state forest about 90% contain
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contained. according to the new jersey forest fire service, official are hopeful they can contain the whole thing by tonight. more than 200 acres so far have burned. nobody is hurt, though. happening now, a former philadelphia police officer facing a charge of attempted murder accused of trying to gun down his own son. this happened back on labor day inside the officer's home in northeast philly at the time there were more questions than answers. >> now 11 weeks later the district attorney says this was no accident. our bruce gordon joins us in stewed eighty seven there were two gunshots and there really told the story. >> reporter: they sure d luce seem one bullet went through officer dorian young's own shoe. the other that one his his 19-year-old son in the back. oh an quiet well tendon block of taunton street 46-year-old dorian young lives neighbors reactioned with shock to the news of his arrest. >> i'm surprised. i really am because we talk with him all the time.
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i never had an issue with him. >> reporter: seemed like a good guy. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: back on labor day about all we knew was that young an off duty 15th district cop had fired his personal 40 caliber handgun during a dispute inside his home and that relative had been struck. the district attorney' office now says young was fighting with his 19-year-old son divine over use of the family car. >> young started waving his pistol in the air yelling "you my son and you aren't going to keep disrespecting me". >> prosecutors say the fight turned from verbal to physical and ended with officer young sitting on the floor legs extended and his son walking away from the fight. they say young fired twice hitting his own shoe and then divine. >> there was a suggestion that there was a tussle over the weapon and the weapon discharg discharged. based upon the scientific and physical evidence that was an impossibility. the son was shot in the back. >> reporter: young's attorney insists that scuffle story is legit. >> what we know at this point this was an accidental shooting,
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um n occurred during the course of domestic struggle between a father and son. >> reporter: skull al. >> accidental shooting. >> reporter: caught up with police commissioner ross at a thanksgiving give a way event. he seemed painted over the charges facing one of his officers. >> in this case because it involved the son, i mean, i can't even begin to understand, you know, what went into that. >> reporter: dorian young is still in custody at last check. both did the a and neighbors tell us there was no history of domestic disputes involving young. there will be no suspension or firing for the defendant by the way the 25 year police veteran retired from the force just ahead of today's charges. divine young by the way is still recovering from the gunshot wound. it cost him his 15 and part of his colon. iain. >> bruce, thank you. well good news for workers who commute out of state to their jobs. attacks agreement between new jersey and pennsylvania will remain in place that's going allow residents who work in either state to pay income tax
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at their home state's rate. governor christie's plan to pull out of the deal would raise taxes for thousands who commute for work across state lines. governor signed a health care bill yesterday. he says he'll help reign in health care costs for public employees, eliminating the need to end the tax agreement. your weather authority now. pretty look at trenton, new jersey. yes, that is gorgeous. cold and dry today. the question is how is that going to play out in the next couple of days since they're big travel days. >> meteorologist kathy orr joining us now. kathy, track something wet weather but we're hoping nothing too bad. >> nothing too bad lucy but those forest fires being fueled by that wind. i mean really incredible out there. right now we're looking at a clear sky. the winds still gusting to about 25 even 30 miles an hour in some locations. temperatures not so bad. 45 degrees. the high today made it to 48. winds sustain out of the north northwest at 14 miles an hour. so we're slowly seeing those winds begin to weaken. right now, temperatures ranging
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from 28 in the poconos because we do have snow on the ground, of course. allentown 37. 39 in pottstown. 45 in philadelphia. only 40 in reading and in millville it is 44 degrees. still seeing some wind gusts but look, a lot of the map not showing intense gusts. this is a big change from earlier this afternoon. still gusting to 37 miles an hour in the poconos. gusting to 21 in wildwood. so this evening, temperatures will be falling from 40 degrees at 7:00 p.m. to about 37 at 9:00 by 11:00 o'clock colder with a temperature of 34 still a little bit of a breeze out there. coming up we'll talk more about the changes coming as we get toward the holiday weekend. a big travel day tomorrow. about 49 million americans will be out there traveling. a million more than last year at this time. thanksgiving rain will time that out and take look at the holiday weekend weather. some surprises in that as well. because you have to come home after aisle all. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. >> this is true. talk to you soon, kathy before
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he heads to florida for thanksgiving dinner president-elect trump is trying to clear his political plate as much as possible. once again mr. trump met with familiar faces in midtown manhattan. >> he's making his goals clear for his first few months in the white house. fox joel waldman is following the trump transition from washington washington opting out of a more conventional news conference president-elect trump laying out his agenda for first 100 days in office in youtube video. among the items, withdrawing from the transpacific partnership, easing restrictions on american energy production and imposing a five-year ban of government officials becoming lobbyists. >> this is really all about jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: the president-elect still forming his administration tweeting this out about one of his potential nominees. i'm seriously considering dr. ben carson as the head of hud. i've gotten to know him well. he's a greatly talented person who loves people former new york city mayor rudy guiliani still
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in consideration for secretary of state. commenting on a former one hillary clinton. and word today that mr. trump will not pursue investigations into her private e-mail accoun account,. >> made that decision i would would be supportive of it. i'd also be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> reporter: trump's team said the president election wants to hit the reset button with the press. meeting today with editors and reporters at the new york times after speaking with broadcast executives yesterday. >> he spoke in very measured tones and he said you guys didn't tell the truth about me. >> reporter: president-elect trump responding to the backlash over the controversial highering of chief strategist steve bannon saying he never would have hired him if he thought it was a racist for part of the all right movement. joel waldman fox news. >> dow jones industrial average crossed the 19,000 barrier early trading tuesday for the first time in 120 year history. the dow closed today record high of 19,024. yesterday the s&p 500, nasdaq
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and the small cap russell 2,000 all closed at record levels the same time for the first time since december 31st of 1999. who is behind an explosive package that sent a center city man to the hospital? >> both federal and local investigator trying to figure out that out right now. fox 29's dave kinchen is outside the headquarters. burr rove alcohol, tobacco and firearm. >> reporter: that bureau has a lot of questions trying to answer here. they do tell us that this does not appear to be an incident related to any kind of terrorism, but still a scare for the victim involved. federal agents and philadelphia police swarmed the 1800 block of pine street in rittenhouse early this morning for an hour's long investigation after a man opened up a package that blew up in his face. >> it was an level. padded envelope and upon it being opened by the victim, it detonated it exploded. >> reporter: 60-year-old victim left with burns and other injuries to his hands, face and upper body and rushed to
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jefferson university hospital for surgery. investigators say the victim thought the package couldn't taped asthma medication. >> clearly he opened it believing it was something that he needed, and that's when the explosion went off. >> reporter: the blast taking place in the kitchen area of the apartment. one other person in the home at the time was not injured. >> this package was sent to this individual, addressed to him. this is why we said this morning we did believe it was target specific. >> it's probably like maybe three buildings down from mine. so a little shocking. >> reporter: u.s. postal service is also investigating and cannot yet say if the package was delivered by mail or exactly when it was delivered. it's also not clear if it was sent from inside or outside philadelphia. >> even if it was one of the private companies it's still scary like you can just target someone like that. >> reporter: investigators tell us this is not a device they've ever seen around here before. the atf has sent it to its lab
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for further analysis. in center city, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> thank you, dave. for some reason a woman on her regular hike in park felt cold in a different direction -- felt pulled in different direct. he's giving thanks she followed her intuition. what she and her pup found sticking out a garbage bag that has her giving thanks tonight two days before thanksgiving. >> fox 29 investigates a young man's family says a step taken at a local moon of funeral home kept them from saying a proper goodbye. >> i couldn't do something i wanted to do for my baby. >> why this local mom is distraught over what happened to her son. and cops say this guy brought in a phone to local store to get cash for it but investigators say that is no phone. that's not his anyhow. how police say he got his hands on it. ♪
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♪ pennsylvania state police are hoping facial reconstruction can help them figure out who this woman is. back in january, hikers found human remains in ridley park, creek state park in media. police say it was a woman fully clothed between the ages of 25 and 40. they think she died sometime in 2014. if you've got any information
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they're offering a cash reward. a walk in the park has turned into a life-saving mission tonight. it all began this morning in philadelphia's wissahickon valley park. >> it was right in here. they took the bag away. >> barbara adams headed into the crisp autumn morning with her pup when something on the trail ahead caught her eye. a garbage bag was clearly moving then she saw a little head sticking out of it. someone had not only dumped their dog in the park they had stuffed her into a garbage bag and tied it up. adams called the pennsylvania spca which immediately sent out two humane law enforcement officers. >> i was in tears. i mean i really was. i don't understand, um, how anybody could do that to an animal. i can't even imagine how long -- she was here for, um, the way she looked looked like she had been abused for quite sometime probably before she was dumb
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here. >> she is so emaciate emaciatedf fest penalty under the current law a misdemeanor nor. the. they named her cranberry in light of thanksgiving. it's going to take a lot of money to nurse her back to health. she's in guarded condition for a link to help head to fox you'll find it along with her story. happening now, police in tennessee are taking action after a horrific deadly bus crash. at least five children died on monday when their schoolbus slammed into a tree. the bus ended up on its side and partially wrapped around a tree. as fox's jonathan serrie tells us the driver is facing five counts of vehicular homicide. >> reporter: nightmare scenario for parents in chattanooga, tennessee. several children are dead and many more injured after a schoolbus crash monday afterno afternoon. 37 elementary school students on board when the bus flipped on its side and smashed into a tr tree. it took almost two hours for first responders to get all the
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children off the mangled bus. >> the most unnatural thing in the world is for a parent to mourn the loss of a child. there are no words that can bring comfort to a mother or a father, and so today city is praying for these families. >> reporter: authorities say bus driver jonathan e walker was arrested following the incident the 24-year-old is facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide as well as charges of reckless driving and reckless endangerment. speed is suspected to be a contributing factor in the crash. the ntsb is also investigating. >> we are looking at what caused the accident in order to try to prevent it. >> reporter: school district is holding class today's with counselors on hand to help students and staff in the wake of the tragedy. one parent says he doesn't know how he's going to tell his first grade son that his friend is a among those killed. >> that's been our challenge all night long to see how we're going to tell him and how we're going to break the news to him because he don't understand
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death right now. i just don't really know how to explain it to him. >> reporter: ntsd investigators expect to remain on scene for seven to 10 days but their investigation into the cause of the crash could take up to a year. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. >> details about the man accused of killing a police officer in san antonio. he says custody battle is the reason he violently lashed out. otis mccain arrested yesterday afternoon a day after investigators say he killed 50-year-old detective benjamin marconi. mccain was being taken to jail on capitol murder charges he told reporters he was angry about a child custody hearing that prevented him from seeing his son. >> i've been in several custody battles and i was upset. i lash out that somebody that didn't deserve it. >> do you have anything to say to his family? >> sorry. >> meanwhile, the hours after the officer's shooting and before mccain was arrested,
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court records show mccain got married. of all the news of violence against police officers one community trying to change the headlines. >> a large group in st. louis decided to come together for men and women in blue. this gathering happened just days after someone shot one of their own officers. it was one of four police shootings across the country within a span of 24 hours. that included two officers in my sore wreak one in florida and of course the fatal one in texas. police say the community support during these incredibly difficult times makes all the difference. developing story pennsylvania's attorney general is not telling us. today ag bruce beamer says he found no evidence that employees who may have swapped e-mails for years undermined justice. those e-mail were sent by senior government officials and judges. beamer says he's redacted the names of those involved. beamer doesn't deny lots of penal swapped e-mails full of sexually ex priceless sit and racial material but he found no
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inn appropriate communication between judges and the offices employees about the cases or the justice system. and he says identifying the people named in that report which was commissioned by former ag kathleen kane may unfairly damage their reputations. >> the question about whether or not people's names should, shock come out is different than whether or not it is unfair for them to come out in the circumstances under which this report was created. those are two different things. >> beamer spoke earlier this morning. the e-mail scandal discovered back in 2013 prompted two state supreme court justices to resi resign. two days before thanksgiving and philadelphia police are giving back. officers loaded boxes filled with meals for their operation thanksgiving campaign. 420 meals will be given to those in need. each basket will have turkey and all the sides. the meals were bought through donations. it's the ultimate classic holiday movie it's a wonderful
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life reached a huge milestone. the star-studded event last night that celebrated it. chipotle facing legal trouble over a burrito? what some customers claim the food chain lied about that's got them wanting a refund. >> as the holidays approach warning from local fire officials want to you remember to make sure your home is safe this holiday season. ♪
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>> in frankford fire investigators trying to figure out what started this early morning fire. broke out around 1:30 on the 4800 block of mulberry street. crews even had to evacuate nearby homes as that fire just raged on much firefighters were able to finally get it under control about an hour after it began. they've been having to battle winds. it's been tough for everyone. nobody is hurt though. lancaster county investigators are looking for the hit-and-run driver who killed a delaware county man while he was on the job. police say 24-year-old vince until lons of media was an employee of eagle disposal. he was working along will willow street pike yesterday morning
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when a ford or mercury suv hit him. the driver sped off. medic took him to a local hospital where he died. police are still searching for the driver. as we gather for the holidays, fire officials want to you remember some important safety rules. >> officials say the best thing to do is to have a plan in case a fire might break out. right? today the fire department showed fox 29 some things you need to watch out for that includes extension cords and heaters of course candles and make sure to keep all that stuff clear from various, you know, incendiary items to prevent fires. the fire commissioner says with lots of family in the house, crowds can lead to, well, tragic accidents. fire officials also remind to you always have a working smoke detector in your home. got to check those batteries and of course you always need an escape plan as well. topping entertainment headlines tonight kanye west still in los angeles hospital reportedly admitted yesterday for psychiatric evaluation. tmz is reporting that officers responded to his home in los
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angeles for some kind of medical situation. police say nothing criminal was happening. west of course recently cancel the last 21 dates of his national tour including two here in philly. reps for west or his wife kim kardashian have not commented on the incident. gigi hadid saying sorry to anyone she offensed with melania trauma impression. >> happened during her opening monologue like hosting the american music awards. we showed it to you last night. people took to twitter calling it offensive and disrespectful. she apologized on twitter in a handwritten note. i was honored to host the ama's last night ton work with some of the respected writers in the business. i apologize to anyone that i offended and have only the best pushes for our country. if an apple product on your holiday shopping list we got good news. what the tech giant plans on doing that it hasn't done in years. a local family was trying to make funeral arrangements when they claim things started happening to their loved one's body without their approval.
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now they're trying to get answers. kathy. >> in weather we're talking about clearing skies, less wind and looking ahead to thanksgiving. this is the rain that's heading or way. we'll talk about it and time it out coming up.
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>> bull gets loose in philadelphia. viewer pete shared this photo
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with us much the bull kind of looking into a doorway after getting loose from a slaughter house in kensington. as you can imagine caused quite some commotion out in the streets. our brad sattin is live now. brad even in philly this is not something we see every day. >> reporter: no, and we're hearing this bull moved about three and a half miles. it was on the loose as a result at one point on enter state 95 lot of people seeing this bull. just in the course of the last five minutes sadly they did have to kill the bull. and the bull had been here the owner finally came back removed this bull just a few minutes ago. let's kind of run through what happened as i mentioned this started around 2:00 o'clock. they were at the slaughter house trying to get the bull inside at this location in ken sipping t ton. it was very wild we're told. uncontrollable and ended up taking off. again, running about three and a half miles making it at one point to kensington high school. got on to interstate knife. the bull was running southbound in the northbound lane quite again the site to see. from the interstate got into the
5:30 pm
city was spotted in chinatown. got isn't bushes near the intersection of 95 and vine street by the expressway. we're actually just under the expressway here. that is when a conservation officer from the pennsylvania game commission had to shoot and kill the bull saying it was just too rambunctious and too dangerous and it posed a threat. now, rinaldo padilla a tow truck operator actually saw what happened. he's the one who captured the video that you're looking at. let's hear what he had to say. >> it's coming right by right off of 676 right in front of me. lord be hold i'm picking up my phone trying to record it fumbling my phone and it's right in front of me as much as i recorded as much as i could without having to get out might have truck and all. a little bit of video i'm giving you now. >> i arrived over here and due to public safety issues and being in center city philadelphia, um, i was directed by captain of the police department to assist them in putting the animal down for public safety reasons. we generally don't do this. we're wildlife officers but in
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strange -- emergency situation for public safety we chose to put it down. >> reporter: now that truck operator who brought the bull along with about 70 others came from lancaster. again, saying that it was just uncontrollable and took off and that's why they had to put it down. we did talk to the operator. we'll hear from him coming up at 10:00 o'clock tonight. again, they just cleared the scene a few minutes ago. obviously hard to look at but the conservation officer saying they really had no no choice but to shoot and kill the. back to you. >> animal advocates say otherwise. they are outraged over what happened. thank you very much, brad satin. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at trenton. that's always such a beautiful shot a chilly day. a dry day. kathy orr tracking the chance for snow, yes, indeed. she's got your full forecast in just 15 seconds.
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>> clear skies still some wind but nothing like we've seen over the past 48 hours. good evening, everyone. um mat doppler showing those clearing skies some snow showers through northeastern pa and that's where they'll stay for the most part over the next couple of days. a live look outside. we're looking very pretty in old city philadelphia with temperatures still holding in the 40s. the high temperature only 48. temperatures just bumping up a few degrees each day winds out of the north northwest at 14 some gusts but more scattered at this point. as we look at the northeast as whole, heading down toward the mid atlantic some 30s in upstate new york where they've picked up 2 feet of snow in syracuse. over the past 24 hours. 3 feet of snow little bit further to the north and a town called oswego. just really amazing snow accumulation that is winding down because the winds are finally weakening. 42 degrees in harrisburg. pittsburgh 36 degrees.
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williamsport sitting at 40 degrees. we'll watch high pressure building into the region. those windy conditions are going to subside. we're looking at real nice day during the day tomorrow. great travel day along the hole eastern seaboard any travel problems possibly in chicago and as you head toward detroit associated with this system. this is going to bring some rain as we work our way through thanksgiving day. so let's time it out. clear skies overnight tonight. clear skies during the day tomorrow. then the clouds roll in late afternoon into the evening. and then the showers will hold off until late morning. so anything early in the morning no problem just cloudy skies. but as we work our way through 10, 11:00 o'clock in the morning, the showers push in from the west. not a lot of the rain about a tenth of an inch so spotty showers and sprinkles and then it clears out late in the day so it will be damp and dreary but it's not going to be a soaker by any stretch. airport delays, yes, in newark and also jfk still due to wind. some upper level winds up there.
5:34 pm
otherwise we're looking at real quiet event in philadelphia. no delays due to weather. we're just looking at -- no delays at all throughout washington and most of the rest of the country we can see minneapolis delays due to the snow that they have with that approaching storm. so overnight tonight, looking at 30 degrees in the city. 24 in the suburbs. mainly clear. a cool breeze out of the northwest and about 10 to 15 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, we're not really concerned about wind at all. it will be a much more comfortable day. mostly sunny, 50. northwesterly winds at about five to 10 miles an hour. so finally things settling down. on your seven day forecast from your weather authority, some light rain for your thursday thanksgiving day. friday mostly cloudy, 57. saturday looks good for the temple game. when everyone returns sunday looks good as well plenty of sunshine, 51. monday partly sunny and by next tuesday, we'll be talking about a temperature around 60 degrees which actually will be above average so we are out of the woods with that freezing cold
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and now it's back to more seasonal temperatures right through the holiday weekend. that's good news. >> very good news. thank you so much, kathy. >> you bet. >> one of my favorite movies it's an ultimate classic holiday movie called it's a wonderful life. you probably heard of it. it is reached a huge milestone. the star-studded celebration of the classic movie. >> and chipotle facing legal trouble over a burrito? some customers are claiming the food chain lied about that's got them wanting a refund. >> straight ahead that is got to be cold. some folks chose to walk in the ice cold water on this very brisk day and they did it for a good reason, though. we've got it all coming up.
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my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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♪ >> new details about small plane crash in california's san bernardino national forest. authorities now say the plane's pilot who was the only person on board is dead. they have not released the pilot's identity. air traffic controllers lot of communication early this morning with the single engine plane. after it took off from the
5:39 pm
ontario airport. it crashed on a steep hillside between two canyons making it difficult for rescuers to get to the scene. we don't know yet why the plain crashed. in your money, more legal problems for chipotle this time it is over a burrito. three customers are suing the chain over the calorie content of its new their of chore rizzo burrito. it is a mere 300 calories. well, those suing claim they had an expert dot math and it actually tops 1,000 calories. they say the tortilla alone is 300 calories. the class action lawsuit doesn't just cover the three people who filed it. but anyone who ordered anything from chipotle across the past four years. so black friday just a few days a way. >> some shoppers they're lining up to beat the crowds in plano texas carlos rodriguez and three of his friends set up a tent outside best bite. besides not seeing the ads yet they'll hope they'll get a good deal whatever is on sale. for the past three years they've
5:40 pm
been in the first in line for black friday deals. for the first time since 2014 apple is offering black friday deals on its website the company doesn't usually disclose much. they're teasing one day sales event on november 25th unlike two years ago when apple just offered i tunes consist give cards for purchases they're teasing a discount on hardware. we don't know what will be on sale. save the date could find out. >> could it be an i-pad perhaps. >> or mac. >> i'll have to check it out. they lured me in. the classic christmas film it's a wonderful live celebrat celebrating a major milestone. 70 years since the movie's release and watching it during the holiday season it's a family tradition for folks across the country like iain page's family and my family. drag special screening los angeles last night, cast members shared their memories of the film along with their favorite quotes from the movie. >> no man is a failure who has friends. like i said each man's live
5:41 pm
touches so many others if they weren't around it would leave an awful hole. that's the biggest and the best and that says it all. that's what the message was for the move 52. >> american film institute lists movie as one of the 11 head dreft american films ever made. well, local family is trying to make funeral arrangements when they claim things started happening to their loved one's body. but without their approval. now they're trying to get some answers. jeff cole's report is coming up. sean? >> iain, we all thought lane johnson thing was over with. but apparently it's not. check out who he's blaming now for failing that drug test coming up later in sports.
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♪ families dealing with the a
5:45 pm
death want anything more than anything to a send off to course ponds to their belief. what happens when plans go awry. >> a local mom who says her wishes were not carried out spoke to fox 29 investigates jeff cole. ♪ >> reporter: james le grant johnson, jr.,'s words expos the conflict with him aspiring west philly rapper by the name hood is a father of two. his mother saw the good in him. >> love and respect young man. he helped everybody. he also loved his family. >> reporter: employees say the 25-year-old was not the intended target of a september 1st 2015 double shooting on market stre street. cops scooped him up and whisked him to a hospital but it was too late. her only son's death death was a crashing blow to karen johnson.
5:46 pm
>> leaves me shaking. i couldn't believe it. i was like so in shock, like, not my baby. you know, don't take my baby away from me. >> reporter: sean sure if she had the funds but she knew she wanted a special muslim service. >> i wanted him to have a muslim service. >> the medical examiner's office said it could hold his body until she sorted thing out. a friend put her on the phone with supervisor gregory t. burrell of the terry funeral home. >> did you say to him anything about the muslim service that you wanted. >> yes. son was muslim and i'm not ready to do no service yet. that's what i said to i him. yes, die. >> reporter: the neck day the family learned james, injury's body had been moved to the haverford avenue funeral home and they were stunned later that day at what they say they heard from a funeral home employee and
5:47 pm
burrell himself. >> in keeping with his muslim faith you did not want him to be embalmed. >> no, i didn't. >> reporter: the terry funeral home embalmed him. >> they embalmed him without my permission. they did what they wanted to do to my son's body. >> reporter: gregory burrell is high profile funeral director in the state of pennsylvania. he was once the chairman of the state's board of funeral directors, the panel that oversees the profession. but a new chairman was named after it was learned that burrell had let his licenses and that of his business lapse for five days. he remains on the board. we asked burrell about the johnson's claims. >> his mother comes to us and says, look, muslim kid, don't want him embalmed. claims you epp bombed him. >> man, i don't remember. >> reporter: we tried to jog his memory by sending him documents that he exchanged with the johnsons and asking more questions. that's when we heard from his attorney who wouldn't answer specific claims but did write in
5:48 pm
a statement in part the funeral home prides itself on delivering superior service to families dealing with the death of a loved one. how did terry funeral home get the body in the first place? the family obtained this release form from the me's office only problem -- >> it's not my signature. this is my signature. >> reporter: who signed that, do you think? >> the same name on top of there signed this. >> reporter: you think it's the same person. >> i think it's the same person. which is gregory. >> reporter: burrell? >> yes. >> reporter: department of states says pennsylvania law is silent on whether a funeral director can sign a customer's name. but philadelphia public health told us a release form should be signed by the next of kin who agreed to the funeral home and the specific arrangements. >> we would not pick up a body unless we have had authorization to picket up. >> reporter: but can you sign someone else's name in the corner and the coroner will accept that.
5:49 pm
>> sometimes families will give us permission, yes. >> reporter: her allegations she didn't give you permission. you weren't supposed to that. >> i really don't know. >> reporter: when they decided to partway ways it got messy. the family's attorney says, burrell wanted $1,700 for embalming and other services. >> then they reduced it to $1,200 when my client said we were not going to pay and then eventually when my clients threatened them with law enforcement and attorneys they released the body to the new funeral home. >> reporter: when she decided now i didn't like what happened here, i want the body back, she said that you wanted 1700 and dropped it to 12. >> i don't recall that either. >> reporter: okay. >> i may have to try to help them out. that could be true but i don't recall that. >> reporter: karen johnson signed a statement of services in another form which included references to embalming but claims burrell told her it was an estimate. signatures were necessary to get the death certificate. and she says the body was em bam
5:50 pm
before she signed those documents. asked about all of this, burrell's attorney wrote, the home serves families with the utmost privacy and discretion and they feel it would be inn appropriate and imprudent to comment on any specific client. the johnsons have filed a lawsuit. >> i couldn't do the service for my son. i couldn't do something i wanted to do for my baby. >> reporter: jeff cole, fox 29 news. so why would karen johnson sign a document that referenced he will balance ming after she believed her son had already been embalmed against her wishes? >> her lawsuit claims she was in no condition to make a business decision and she only wanted to see her son's body. thanksgiving tradition is going strong and it's all about saying thank you to the men and women who served our nation. nicks pour pours bar and grill t add thanksgiving lunch for veterans at form and race
5:51 pm
streets. nick's staff and patrons actually served up the turkeys and fixings for the vets. the restaurant owner says this is just his way of supporting the neighborhood and giving back to those who have given us so much. >> usually there's between 100 and 130 guys that come through. you know, we have over 100 pounds of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, we we have a regular thanksgiving dinner. >> he says this tradition started long before he bought nick's about five years ago. but he had no question that he would continue this special event. ahead at 6:00, that's got to be cold. some people chose to walk on ice cold water on the brisk day. what it's all supporting that's coming up soon. police are looking for this man here. they say he tried to sell that phone in hands you see it right there. it's how he got a hold it that has cops trying to track him down now. >> check it out.
5:52 pm
christmas is coming. while decorations like this camouflage snowman. evelyn and tony tell me put it up in the wrong neighborhood and you're asking for destruction. all you want to know coming right up.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
in delaware two people are in jail tonight after police say they were selling drugs out their home in sussex county. delaware state police arresting 33-year-old brandon harrison and two-year-old marcus report lip. investigators say they found more than 600 bags of heroin and side their home along gum tree
5:56 pm
road in tags worry. troopers also found more than $6,000 in suspected drug money. we're definitely into it now. thanksgiving is thursday, friday officially starts the holiday shopping rush. what are you buying? >> how you decorating? >> what's all that decking the halls stuff all about. >> fox 29's hack flynn wanded into the marketplace to try to find out. >> buy it, beer bread. buy it. smells good, buy it. chocolate, buy it. , buy it. , buy it. buy it. >> hank kell bum to the store. it's christmas. buy everything you see. buy it all. buy it now. hank, hank, hang! ♪ >> thing got a little out of happened today at wal*mart. styrofoam, glitter, dear, 25 bucks. buy it.
5:57 pm
there was just so much stuff. i know black friday is coming and like it or not we're pretty much in the christmas season full tilt ut once i got hypnotized by those lights -- oh, i want it. 50 bucks santa claus on a hoverboard 7 feet tall. 20 bucks. glittering light up pig on skis. buy it. >> i'll tell you right now this is what i'll buy. >> okay. >> those things. >> i love these thing. >> he have lip and her husband tony have their decorations game down to a science. they say they live on the tough side of town and as such, they only buy decorations that aren't going walk off. >> they'll steal it. >> they'll steal it. i live in bad neighborhood. i live in bad neighborhood. they'll come and steal it. >> reporter: buy it. >> i felt like it was my first day on earth. i didn't understand anything. what was the point he is special physical it was going to get stolen? star wars christmas inflatables. snowmen and santa clauses
5:58 pm
wearing hunting gear. what was any of it for? i need add lifeline. thank goodness for alleys and riley storms who reminded me it's all relative. >> that's what we look for. sentimental things. something that represents somebody who has passed previo previously and that's their way of staying with us. >> sure. >> through the season. >> celebrate them, what they like. >> reporter: right. >> flamingo wearing a santa hat. we'll probably get the flamingo. >> reporter: i understand this now a lot better than die before. very individual. that's what it come down to. >> it is. he's person's personality. >> reporter: all right. so remember friday is black friday. most of the stores are putting out deals that make it completely unnecessary to stand in weird lines all night. although that action will be there if you want it. and none of it has to be anything more than what you want to make of it. so tweet me if you're confused to at hank fox 29 or the house
5:59 pm
at fox 29 philly and have a great week. ♪ be dazzled pig on skis. >> buy it. [ laughter ] all right. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts now. ♪ tonight at 6:00, an explosion inside a center city apartment. investigators say something april side a package blew up in man' hands. now while he recovers in the hospital, investigators want to know who is behind the blast. whoo! >> on this chilly day some brave souls dipping their feet in very chilly water all for an even bigger polar plunge. happening soon in our area. the organization they're helping out by getting their feet wet. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a philadelphia police officer is in jail tonight
6:00 pm
charged with trying to gun down his own teenaged son. it's a case that dates back to labor day dispute inside the officer's home in northeast philly. at the time the policeman told authorities his gun went off during a scuffle. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. after a lengthy investigation the district attorney now says this was no accident. our bruce gordon joins us in studio. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, with no history of domestic violence dorian young's home that labor day shooting sure seemed like it could well have been just a terrible accident. but ballistics evidence from two gunshots helped investigators piece together a very different story. neighbors on dorian young's taunton street block describe him as a good guy. no hint of violence and say the labor day shooting never came up in conversation. >> never offered any information and we never asked. because we figured it's none much our business. >> reporter: surprise you he's been arrested and charge idea. >> yes. i am totally surprised because a lot of the neighbors i think were backing him up. >> reporter: at the time of


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